Collaborating to tackle health inequities at the Royal Society of Medicine

We’ve started the year with a bang! Our Co-Founder and Chief Executive Rachael Grimaldi went to the Royal Society of Medicine‘s #TacklingInequalities event last week, and it was inspiring to see a room filled with people who want to make a difference. She shared her takeaways from the event with us, which she collected from the key notes from Professor Bola Owolabi and Kevin Fong, as well as the Core20PLUS5 breakout session she ran with Tamsin Holland Brown and Malone Mukwende

We should develop ecosystem of people around us

The power is in collaboration

The answer lies in the system and between us

If the success of reducing health inequalities relies on an individual person, we have failed

It was an incredibly important day, with a lot of important conversations, which we will reflect on and act upon. We’re so grateful to everyone involved, and to have been a part of it. It was fantastic to be part of an event where there were so many passionate people, all motivated to improve health equity. Let’s work together and make that change NOW. See you again next year!

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