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CardMedic is a device-agnostic website and app available on mobile, tablet or desktop. Use in primary, secondary, tertiary, community or pre-hospital care.
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Clinically Intuitive, Patient Focussed

Instantly Accessible

A-Z collection of digital flashcards covering common healthcare topics, at your fingertips.

Written by Experts

Wide range of rapidly growing content, written by clinical experts.

Fully Customisable

Add your own content, create shortcuts to your favourite cards and adjust font sizes.

Works Anywhere

No WiFi required. Available offline as a progressive web app or mobile app.

Translation Capability

Multi-lingual content with integrated translation tool.

Sign Language

Instantly switch content to British Sign Language with subtitles for D/deaf users.

EasyRead with Pictures

Available in EasyRead with pictures for children, people with learning disabilities, aphasia or cognitive impairments.

Read-Aloud Functionality

Content read-aloud for those with visual impairment or literacy issues.


NICE Approved
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence Endorsement Statement

These communication flashcards accurately reflect recommendations in NICE's COVID-19 rapid guidelines on critical care in adults, managing symptoms (including at the end of life) in the community, community-based care of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), acute myocardial injury, antibiotics for pneumonia in adults in hospital and acute kidney injury in hospital.

Brighton and Sussex University_Hospitals BSUH support CardMedic
Improves Patient Confidence in Understanding Healthcare Workers

A collaborative service evaluation by the University of Brighton and Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, demonstrated significantly increased patient confidence to 95%.

Highly Customisable

Customise your experience by adding your own flashcard content, tailoring your clinical interactions to compliment your areas of expertise. Save your favourite cards for streamlined rapid access, improving efficiency in patient care.

CardMedic customisation

Personalised Care

Offer your patients a personal experience by adding localised information such as the weather, meals available, their location in the healthcare setting and more. Reassure anxious and vulnerable patients by uploading your photo, so they can see who is looking after them behind a face mask.

CardMedic Support

Unlimited Upgrades and Support

Seamless upgrades and user enhancements with on-hand support when you need it most.

Communication Without Barriers

Written simply and succinctly by clinical experts, CardMedic presents common healthcare topics in a clearly accessible A-Z list, allowing you to quickly share vital information with your patient. CardMedic also allows you to gather critical clinical information from your patients by asking them simple questions, with the integrated translation tool enabling ad-hoc conversations. CardMedic ensures you are able to meet every patient's communication need at the point-of-care. We offer an innovative flexible communication solution with:

We're all about inclusive communication and celebrating diversity. Join us in improving patient safety, quality of care and reducing health inequities.